Do I need previous dance experience to participate in the classes?

Not at all! Our classes do involve movement and dance but no experience in either dance or burlesque is necessary.

Do I need to be fit to do a class?

No you do not! Movement and dance is a major part of our classes, we do warm up and are moving constantly for the full hour but you do not have to be fit to do any of our classes. You may work up a bit of tiny sweat...but nothing to major, we are all about the fun here, the focus is not on exercise or fitness. 

What classes do you offer?

We currently offer beginner burlesque classes, showgirl stretch and technique classes and a classic burlesque class. A description of each class is given in out 'Shop' section. Our classes will change from time to time so always be sure to check our online shop or contact us for more info. 

Do you have to take your clothes off during a class?

Whilst this is burlesque, we do not get you to take off your clothes during class. You will learn glove and stocking peels but no more than that. An opportunity to go down to tassels may arise in some intermediate classes (never the beginners) and there is absolutely no pressure. Bailey is ready with tassels waiting if anybody would like to do the routine with tassels but again zero pressure here :)

What do I need to bring?

We provide gloves and boas, all you need to bring is your gorgeous selves, some water and comfortable clothing that you can move easily in! In the second week of the beginners course we get you to bring in a pair of hold up stockings. Otherwise smiles and sass!

How much does it cost?

Each course costs $80 for the full four weeks. If you have attended a course before we sometimes offer discounts for our returning students so be sure to check what current offers may be going!

Can I bring my children to class?

Unfortunately we do not have a baby sitting service at our studio so we are unable to welcome children to the classes. If you are a part of a mothers group, or mums and bubs group etc we do have a class which can cater to you on request. A minimum of 4 students is required for the class, and we can have bubs up to one year of age. 

What is the age group for burlesque classes?

Our burlesque classes are open for any woman over the age of 18. Our age group varies but mainly consist of women from the age of 18-55.