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Hello beauty!

Welcome to our FAQ video! Bailey has compiled a video of our FAQ-we would love you to listen here so you can get a detailed answer to your questions! Don't have 16.01 minutes? -us either, we get it! Please see below the times where you can find each question in the video! Still have questions unanswered? Please reach out via our contact page, socials or email:)

0.09: Welcome!              

0.30: I want to join but my nerves stop me!      

2.23: Classes-what do you offer, how long is a term and what do you get up to? Which class is right for me?

5.08: I can't see your classes or timetable on your website?

5.47: Who is welcome at the studio?

6.57: What do I wear?

7.59: Do I have to strip/take my clothes off in class?

10.45: Do you provide Event entertainment?

12.33: Hen's/Birthday and private parties

14.45: Bye :) 

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