Congratulations- you have decided to perform a burlesque solo! This is exciting!!
To perform a solo, all students must book into the 'Solo Beauties' section. This is an upfront payment of $120.00. This amount covers your first 3 lessons with Bailey. Each lesson after that is $40.00 per hour. The first three lessons are used to choreograph your routine and to start polishing your fabulous act! If you wish to choreograph your own solo, you must still book into the 'Solo Beauties' section and your first three lessons can go towards Bailey helping you to polish your act, studio time or act development.
What you should know:
*Students are responsible for their own costuming. Sharon is available to make pasties, bedazzle knickers and costumes and create basic pieces like bump skirts for a small fee if you would like some assistance. 
* Students are responsible for their own prop creations. 
*Students should come to Bailey with an idea of style, music and costuming so she creates a solo that is best suited to you and what you are after. You can book in for as many solo lessons as you like, but at home practice and rehearsal is definitely a necessity to get you feeling stage ready for your big solo performance!

Solo Beauties