Congratulations- you have decided to perform a burlesque solo! This is exciting!! To perform a solo, all students must book into the 'Solo Beauties' section. This is an upfront payment of $120.00. This amount covers your first 3 lessons with Bailey.

 You must choreograph your own solo/duo/trio, Bailey will be there during your three lessons for guidace, choreography assistance, act development and polishing your act. 

 What you should know:

*Students are responsible for their own costuming.

Sharon is available to make pasties, bedazzle knickers and costumes and create basic pieces like bump skirts for a small fee if you would like some assistance.

*The $120 covers three private, one hour lessons with Bailey, any additional lesson booked in after this is $40 per hour. 

*Bailey and Sharon have the right to move an act to the next showcase if needed time hasnt been put into the act development and it is not quite ready. 

*Students are responsible for their own prop creations.  

*You can book in for as many solo lessons as you like, but at home practice and rehearsal is definitely a necessity to get you feeling stage ready for your big solo performance!


Students must have performed at one student showcase in a group previously to sign up to perform a solo.

Students must also have been active students by attending a term of classes (either the term directly before, or two terms before) prior to showcase or also be performing in a showcase group. 

Solo Beauties