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 Discover the Art of Tease at Boutique Burlesque by Bailey!

Join Our Exclusive Burlesque Community Today! Ignite Your Confidence, Unleash Your Inner Diva, and Unveil the Secrets of The Art of Tease in a Supportive Environment.
No previous dance experience is needed, only your fabulous self!


Welcome to Boutique Burlesque by Bailey – Where Movement, Entertainment, FUN, Community and Empowerment is where it's at!

Nestled in Mackay, our studio offers captivating event entertainment, party delights, and empowering burlesque and dance classes for all adults. Led by the esteemed Miss Bailey Bliss, a burlesque and dance professional, we invite you to step into the world of burlesque and self-expression.

Experience Boutique Burlesque – where every event becomes a spectacle, every party turns into a celebration, and every class takes you one step further on your own journey of self love and confidence. Join us today and let the glamour unfold!

Join the Inner Circle of Glamour and Entertainment
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Thanks, you are in! 

Unveil Glamour and Empowerment: Mackay's Premier Boutique Burlesque Experience!

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