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Read what our beauties have to say about Butique Burlesque by Bailey!

"When I think of BBBB, I think of the room with the pink walls that has given me happiness, freedom of expression, confidence and friendships this place has seen and heard a range of emotions, conversations, laughter and the beauty of so many women thank you to Miss Bailey-Bliss for providing this space, it will always have a place in my heart "


"Such a confidence boost! Amazing teacher cannot recommend Bailey enough"


“Excellent classes with a high level of technique and great fluid stretching!"



"What a beautiful place to be! Miss Bailey Bliss creates the most welcoming space with her Burlesque dance studio in Mackay. I started with Bailey in 2020, had a baby in 2022 & have been back dancing since I am now performing solo's feeling so so confident. From not wanting to do any revealing in my group act, to feeling confident & sexy within myself to be able to do whatever I feel, creatively. Bailey has inspired me since day 1 & any time I get to watch her dance / perform I watch in awe. So grateful to be apart of the BBBB family & love seeing new faces we can add to the growing community"


"Being part of such a lovely and supporting environment from the burly family. You can enhance your skills and perfect them, gain excellent knowledge and have so much fun at the same time! It purely has helped me let loose, get in touch with my body more and feel it’s energy, embracing the imperfections and overall having a blast and creating beautiful friendships with the fellow students. I highly recommend doing burlesque! It has many amazing benefits too with intense stretching you can build your strength to be able to be better and get better at doing so many different acts and positions. Burlesque by Bailey really doesn’t disappoint and I’m so thrilled to have come across this company in Mackay"


"Highly recommend Boutique Burlesque By Bailey! Bailey is wonderfully knowledgeable in all things Burlesque and showbiz, her private tuition and group classes are fun jam packed and made me want to join in more. If you are looking for something to do in Mackay look no further than here!"


"The classes run by Boutique Burlesque by Bailey are the absolute HIGHLIGHT of my weeknights! Supportive, empowering, great exercise and an awesome form of exercise for a lazy gal like me 🙌🏼Highly recommend to anyone & everyone to give it a go, learn a lesson about self love and acceptance and by then you’ll have fallen in love with Sharon and Bailey and won’t want to leave!"

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