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Frequently asked questions

Hello, Beauty!

Welcome to our FAQ video! Miss Bailey Bliss, our studio owner has compiled a video of our frequently asked questions. We would love you to listen here so you can get a detailed answer to your questions!


Don't have 16.01 minutes? - us either, we get it! Please see below the times when you can find each question in the video! Still have questions unanswered? Please reach out via our contact page, socials or email!


0.09: Welcome!

0.30: I want to join but my nerves stop me!

2.23: Classes-what do you offer, how long is a term and what do you get up to? Which class is right for me?

5.08: I can't see your classes or timetable on your website.

5.47: Who is welcome at the studio?

6.57: What do I wear?

7.59: Do I have to strip/take my clothes off in class?

10.45: Do you provide Event entertainment?

12.33: Hen's/Birthday and private parties

14.45: Bye :)

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